The Benefits of Drumming

  • - Did you know that in the Middle East women traditionally played hand drums?
  • - Drumming is meditative, soothing and can help clear the mind
  • - Drumming is grounding and practicing repetitive rhythmic drills is great for centering and a sense of presence
  • - Learning to drum boosts co-ordination and sharpens motor skills - refining techniques is good for your brain and neuro-muscular pathways!
  • - Recalling rhythms improves memory and can support clear thinking
  • - Arabic Drumming develops a stronger connection to the Rrhythmic essentials of Arabic music & movement - wonderful for dancers
  • - Group drumming is a fun, energizing experience with a lot of laughter (especially in Sam's classes)!
  • - Communal drumming builds friendship & supports community connection
  • - Cross cultural awareness develops, along with cultural bonding and appreciation of cultural arts and people 
  • - Drumming is FUN and anyone can do it!

About Sam Nascimento

Sam (aka DJ Nas) is a pioneering Latin & world music percussionist & DJ. He hails from Arabic lineage & has lived in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait & France. He introduced & pioneered Latin & world music & events Australia-wide, & held many long-term residencies, touring with international Grammy award-winning artists, as well as world-famous Latin dancers. He has played to audiences of thousands on a regular basis.

Sam recently toured Egypt extensively to explore the rhythms & music of his ancestors. He has shifted his focus to Arabic drumming & musical production. He shares his deep knowledge of Arabic music & culture with new online resources & workshops.

Sam teaches participants how to play, understand, feel & integrate a variety of Arabic rhythms & nuances. His aim is to help dancers & drummers develop a stronger connection to the RHYTHMIC ESSENCE of Arabic & Afro-Arabic music. He also teachers Cuban Latin style percussion and offers weekly group darbuka lessons in Perth, at the Blue Lotus Room.

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