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Arabic Drumming Classes and Workshops with Sam Nascimento

Sam Nascimento teaches and mentors students of all ages around the world. For children, adults, or seniors, he can create tailor made and specific workshops for drumming, or drum-dance classes with Arabic dancing by choreographer Keti Sharif. In Australia, contact Sam to see what kind of program he can arrange for your school or education department.

Both Sam & Keti have enjoyed a life-long immersion and passion for Arabic & World music and cultural dance arts. They believe that Arabic rhythms are the essential 'grass-roots' foundation of both Arabic music & dance. They teach participants how to understand, feel & integrate a variety of rhythms or movements & appreciate their cultural nuances. Check out some of Sam's specialty workshops below or contact him for more information. See current Drum classes and courses at www.bluelotusroom.com

Classes & Workshops available

  • * Introduction to Arabic Drumming on Riqq (frame drum)
  • * Introduction to Arabic Drumming on Darbuka
  • * Introduction to Arabic Drumming with Dancing (Folkloric)
  • * Drummer / Dancer Interactive
  • * Arabic Finger Cymbals to Live Drums 
  • * Drums & Choreography for Plays and Stage
  • * Cultural group presentation for Assembly or Student Presentation
  • * Cultural Seminars (Arabic Music & Arts)
  • * Film / Documentary of Arabic Drumming (Screening & Talk)
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