Rhythmic Essence; Authentic Arabic Drum & Dance

  • Welcome to Rhythmic Essence and our New studio in Perth, Western Australia - The Blue Lotus Room has opened. Learn Arabic Bellydance & Percussion!
  • Discover authentic Egyptian dance arts with A-Z Bellydance choreographer, Keti Sharif. Fun performance opportunities! 
  • Learn Arabic drumming or Latin percussion with Sam Nascimento. Opportunities to join the Blue Lotus Drumming Ensemble. Join exciting workshops & events for dancers & drummers!

OCTOBER 2022 Courses @ Blue Lotus Room, Morley

    Mon 6:15pm Arabic Drumming w/Sam
    Mon 7:15pm A-Z Bellydance/Live Drums (Keti & Sam)
    Wed 6:15pm Bloom Bellydance Fitness  45 min cardio class (Keti) ZOOM option
    Wed 7:15pm Dom Dom Modern Advanced Bellydance Performance (Keti) 
    Sat 10am Bloom Bellydance with Props (Keti)
    Sat 11am Arabic Drumming w/Sam 
    Sunday Drum Intensives
    Dates and bookings are all on www.bluelotusroom.com

Online Resources

40 Arabic Rhythms CD Resource Pack

40 Rhythms from Adani to Zorofat recorded in Egypt, with bonus Tabla Solo CD!  Downloadable $30 USD

Courses on Teachable - Online Bellydance & Drumming

Join Keti for bellydance classes or Drum with Sam on Teachable. See more, including NEW A-Z Bellydance 2022!

Learn to Play Arabic Darbuka with Sam!

Learn darbuka techniques & a variety of Arabic rhythms live or online. Easy step-by-step instruction. 

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