About Keti & Sam

  • Meet Keti Sharif & Percussionist & DJ Sam Nascimento! The dynamic duo present exciting dance & drumming workshops online. Both have strong affiliations with Egypt, where they researched & recorded a variety of traditional & rare rhythms with top Arabic musicians, Keti & Sam merged ideas & talents to usher in a new approach into the rhythm-dance-music connection. They enjoy working together to offer a fresh, energized perspective to support both students & professionals interested in various Arabic musical cultures - old & new.
  • Both Keti & Sam have enjoyed a life-long immersion & passion for Arabic & World music & cultural dance arts. They believe that Arabic rhythms are the essential 'grass-roots' foundation of both Arabic music & dance. They teach participants how to understand, feel & integrate a variety of rhythms & nuances. Their aim is to help dancers & drummers develop a stronger connection to the RHYTHMIC ESSENTIALS of Arabic music & movement.

Sam Nascimento

Sam (aka DJ Nas) is a pioneering Latin & world music percussionist & DJ. He hails from Arabic lineage & has lived in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait & France. He introduced & pioneered Latin & world music & events Australia-wide, & held many long-term residencies, touring with international Grammy award-winning artists, as well as world-famous Latin dancers. He has played to audiences of thousands on a regular basis.

Sam recently toured Egypt extensively to explore the rhythms & music of his ancestors. He has shifted his focus to Arabic drumming & musical production. He shares his deep knowledge of Arabic music & culture with new online resources & workshops.

Sam teaches participants how to play, understand, feel & integrate a variety of Arabic rhythms & nuances. His aim is to help dancers & drummers develop a stronger connection to the RHYTHMIC ESSENCE of Arabic & Afro-Arabic music. He also teachers Cuban Latin style percussion. He currently offers WEEKLY GROUP DARBUKA LESSONS in Perth, as well as private tuition.


Keti Sharif

Keti is the creator of A-Z Bellydance, which she developed in Egypt, during the time she lived there, for 20 years. She performed to live Arabic music since her teens, & has spent her entire career researching somatics & musicality for dancers, as well as working with countless musicians & artists in Egypt, including Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda & Shahira Mehrez.

Keti's passion for bellydancing (Raqs Sharqi) & the Egyptian folkloric arts, blends with an interest in health & wellbeing. Her A-Z Bellydance & fitness courses are taught in 40 countries worldwide & she has trained thousands of bellydance students, professional performers & teachers. Keti's new A-Z Bellydance courses feature classes with live rhythms played by Sam - a deeper exploration of the rhythm-movement relationship, particularly for footwork.

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