Rhythms from Egypt, the Levant, North Africa & Gulf

Jam-packed from Adani to Zorofat, this DOUBLE CD resource pack is the A-Z of essential Arabic dance rhythms!

Recently recorded in Cairo, these 40 high quality tracks have been created for the bellydance student or teacher, or the drumming enthusiast, to practice & become familiar with a spectrum of Arabic rhythmic grooves. A perfect accompaniment to Keti & Sam's live drum-dance classes, or Sam's percussion classes.

The 40 ARABIC RHYTHMS digital CD resource pack contains:

* Welcome Video with Keti & Sam
* CD 1: Arabic Rhythms 1-20
* CD 2: Arabic Rhythms 21-40
* CD 3: BONUS - Egyptian Tabla Solos (5 tracks)
* PDF of 40 Rhythms time signatures

Easy-to-download MP3 format. Each track is approximately 3 minutes long, a perfect length to practice to. Order & receive instantly!

"Dig deeper into this rich musical legacy"

"Being a Latin percussionist & World Music DJ, I spent over 25 years performing Australia-wide, playing many genres from Cuba, Brazil, the Caribbean, Spain & France. After living in Egypt, France, Lebanon, Syria and the Gulf in my youth, I recently returned to Egypt to study the rhythms of my ancestors, to dig deeper into this rich musical legacy. I spent time with drummers exploring traditional, tribal, classical, urban & modern rhythms from all regions. My aim is to popularise lesser-known beats without overlooking well-known & common rhythms. Keti & I produced this CD for bellydancers & drummers to get familiar with a broader range of fresh & awesome Arabic grooves."

Producer, Sam Nascimento


"Explore a wider spectrum of Arabic rhythms" 

"My bellydance journey began with performing to live Arabic bands & percussion in Australia in my teens. In my early 20's I was dancing & performing professionally in Cairo with both classical Raqs Sharqi & Folkloric bands, studying with Mahmoud Reda in Egypt for many years. This gave me a wonderful grounding, knowledge & appreciation for Arabic rhythms & their movement connection. In fact, the rhythmic soul of Egyptian music became the foundation for A-Z Bellydance. Sam & I share an interest in traditional & lesser known musical styles of the Arab world, so we produced this CD & furthermore, developed our Rhythmic Essence workshops for bellydancers, with an aim to explore a wider spectrum of Arabic rhythms."

Co-Producer, Keti Sharif


40 Arabic Rhythms

  • Adani
  • Arabi Khaligi 
  • Ayoub
  • Baladi
  • Bambi
  • Bhari
  • Dabke
  • Dar Hindi
  • Fellahi
  • Foks

40 Arabic Rhythms

  • Hagallah
  • Hag
  • Iraqi
  • Iskenderani
  • Jerk
  • Kaff Nubian
  • Karachi
  • Konga
  • Libi
  • Malfuf

40 Arabic Rhythms

  • Maqsoum
  • Masmoudi 2 dom
  • Masmoudi 3 dom
  • Masmoudi 5 dom
  • Masmoudi Kebir
  • Masmoudi Saghir
  • Nubian
  • Rhumba
  • Saiidi
  • Samai Thaqil

40 Arabic Rhythms

  • Samba Masri
  • Sinkin Samai
  • Sombati
  • Tet
  • Volz
  • Wahda Kebira
  • Wahda Tawila
  • Zaar
  • Zaffah
  • Zorofat

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