The Drum-Dance Connection

Join A-Z Bellydance choreographer, Keti Sharif & Percussionist & DJ Sam Nascimento for exciting new online Percussion workshops for Dancers & Drummers.

Gain fresh perspectives into the drum-dance connection with traditional & rare Arabic rhythms. Dancers, enjoy fresh global influences to enhance bellydance skills & fitness with online classes with Keti & Sam. Or if music is more your thing, learn percussion with Sam! 


* Learn to Bellydance to a variety of different Arabic rhythms - traditional & rare.

* Enjoy fun Pulse8 dance-fitness classes at home (live Latin & Arabic grooves with powerful dance moves).

* Learn to play Arabic Percussion (darbuka, dof, riq, bongos, zills), great for beginners & intermediates.

* Discover 40 Arabic Rhythms with our brand new double CD resource pack from Egypt! 

Discover the Drum-Dance Connection with Keti & Sam!


40 Arabic Rhythms CD Resource

A double cd resource pack recorded in Cairo, with a bonus Egyptian Tabla Solos CD! Learn a variety of rhythms from Adani to Zorofat!


Online Classes for Dancers

Join Keti for fun Pulse8 fitness classes, or deepen bellydance skills with new Rhythmic Essence or Arabic Musicality workshops.


Online Classes for Drummers

Sam's courses teach you how to play Arabic rhythms on darbuka, dof, riq or bongos. Up to 100 rhythms to choose from!

Join FREE Bellysoma Series with Keti & Sam!

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