Drum-Dance, Percussion & Bellydance 

Join A-Z Bellydance choreographer, Keti Sharif & Percussionist & DJ Sam Nascimento for exciting live & online workshops for bellydancers & drummers. Discover Arabic rhythms - traditional & rare. Bellydancers will enhance skills and drummers can learn to play percussion! 

* Bellydance with Keti to a variety of Arabic rhythms - live & online.
* Discover 40 Arabic Rhythms with new double CD resource pack.
* Learn Arabic Percussion with Sam (darbuka, dof, riq) beg to int levels.

NEW! Live Perth Drum & Dance Courses Feb 2021 

Live Classes in Perth, Western Australia

Join Keti Sharif & Sam Nascimento for some reat classes in FEB & MAR in Perth, in three studios.

Learn the art of authentic, Egyptian style Baladi & Raqs Sharqi with Keti (creator A-Z Bellydance). Enjoy her years of experince as a professional performer & cultural evet manager in Egypt and around the world. Keti's Somatic knowledge will enhance your dancing as you learn about musicality, rhythmic identification, Egyptian aesthetics, technique & artistry. Keti spent her dance-life (since the age of 17) dancing to LIVE Arabic music ensembles and is classically trained by experts such as Mahmoud Reda & Farida Fahmy. Over 4000 students have studied her A-Z Methodolgy worldwide. A-Z 2021 Course starts Feb 1st Online.

Discover darbuka with Sam, a talented and generous teacher of Arabic ancestry who has been a percussionist for many years and has recently researched Arabic rhythms by travelling throughout Egypt, from Cairo to Luxor to Alexandria and the Red Sea. His 40 Arabic Rhythms cd is also availablle here. Sam's feel as a percussionist is rich, deep and authentic.

Darbuka with Sam @ Bibra Lake Jan, Feb, Mar 2021!

Sam Nascimento teaches beginners & continuing students the art of Arabic darbuka. Learn techniques for traditional & rarer Arabic rhythms. Polish skills & grow your rhythmic vocabulary.

*JAN: 2 Week Intensive SAT 10am-12noon Jan 23 & 30 
Cost $80 (Free Spirit members get discount code)

*FEB/MAR: 8 Weeks of regular classes 11:30am-12:30pm Feb 6, 13, 20, 27, Mar 6, 13, 20, 27
Book course $120 (just $15 a class) or $20 casual p/class.

40 Arabic Rhythms Double CD Resource Pack

Sam Nascimento's research and recordings in Egypt, features 40 Arabic rhythms from Adani to Zorofat - each played for 3 minutes. Perfect accompaniment for practice, darbuka drills, bellydance drills and skills development. Includes bonus Tabla Solo CD recorded in Cairo. Great resource for any percussionist or dancer interested in traditional and rarer Arabic rhythms. $30 USD Instant Download

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